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Property Health Check / Defects Report

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Property Health Check / Defects Report


Property Health Check / Defects Reports in Cornwall


If you are interested in pre-sale home condition surveys, Cornwall is the base of Hocking Associates, a highly experienced firm of Chartered Surveyors. Working across the whole of West Cornwall, including Falmouth, Truro, Newquay and beyond, we are a team of expert property surveyors. One of our most popular services is the Property Health Check / Defects Report which is carried out for clients before they sell their homes.


If you are interested in having a Property Health Check / Defects Report conducted please contact us today by calling 01326 379222 or by emailing


What is a Property Health Check / Defects Report?


We carry out Property Health Check / Defects Reports prior to you placing your property on the market for sale. The purpose of the report is to identify any defects or other issues with the property that are likely to be highlighted by a potential buyer’s surveyor during a Full Building Survey, Homebuyers Survey, or indeed a Mortgage Valuation.


This gives you the opportunity to rectify any small issues prior to placing the property on the market for sale. For more serious problems that may require substantial work, it allows you the opportunity to obtain quotes that could be provided to the potential purchaser for complete transparency so that they understand the likely cost of the repairs if they choose to buy the property.


We can provide this report for your property in Cornwall, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is something that we could help you with.


Why do you need a pre-sale Property Health Check / Defects Report?


Our Property Health Check / Defects reports could save you a significant amount of money, time and hassle. In the past, these reports have saved clients very large sums as they have been able to deal with issues before selling their property. Equally, this report will help to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in the sale of the property that might occur if the purchaser’s survey uncovers problems.


It’s worth remembering that any defects identified by the purchaser’s surveyor can lead to renegotiation at a later stage or even their withdrawal from the purchase.


Why choose Hocking Associates?


As a firm of independent Chartered Surveyors, we can provide you with impartial expert analysis of the current condition of your property. We have extensive experience carrying out all forms of property surveys across Cornwall, bringing fantastic local knowledge to every job. We have built up an excellent reputation in the area, having worked with many satisfied customers across the region.


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Whether you are interested in booking a Property Health Check / Defects Report or you simply would like more information on the services that we can offer you, please get in contact with us today. Call us directly on 01326 379222 or email and a member of the team will reply as soon as possible.

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